She Attempted To Con Me And Fled The Home.

Josh Wade, the fiancé of Nollywood actress Empress Njamah, has at last spoken up about the accusations the actress made against him.


The actress’ fiancée, Empress Njamah, confesses to striking the actress and taking her passport in an exclusive interview with Linda Ikeji blog. However, he claimed that the actress owed him $450,000 and that is why he took this action.


He said that he proposed to Empress on August 18 with a ring that cost $48,800. However, things went south since the couple is presently fighting, which is why there are so many claims.


Additionally, he acknowledged that he had taken control of her passports, Instagram accounts, and all of her other possessions.


Josh said that the actress fled their home and proceeded to the residence of her brother, Aquila Njamah. Josh continued by saying the actor and her brother were used to con artists and believed they could con him since he isn’t a Nigerian.


Josh threatened to go public and said that he had a series of tales about her.

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