Zulu Names Galore: Rihanna’s Son Gets Named By Many South African Fans

It is public knowledge that Barbadian singer Rihanna is yet to publicly reveal the name of her firstborn son. But trust social media users, especially those from South Africa, to take initiative in matters like this. They have started suggesting names for the kid.


In a recent post, a Twitter user with the name TP Gains had shared a picture of the celebrated singer with her son. In the caption to the post, he had asked the community to give the kid a South African name.


The call apparently resonated with many South Africans, and they heeded it, shelling out names they think befitting for the kid. Several suggestions were made. Not to be missed was the suggestion made by the president of South Africa’s Black Twitter, Chris Excel, who suggested Malome Vector, the name of a notable South African musician.

You can check out the picture and the suggestions below.

Of course, naming him in no way means Rihanna would adopt any of the names given to her son. It, at least, shows that fans are interested in her life and are happy to “contribute” to it.


By the way, Rihanna is pregnant with her second child, She had announced her pregnancy earlier at the Super Bowl halftime, to the admiration of many around the world.

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