Wumi Toriola speaks up about her failed marriage

Actress and single mother Wumi Toriola has recently revealed that her marriage has ended only three years into it.


The actress shared a TikTok video on her Instagram page a few hours ago alerting her followers subtly that she had to decide between being single and married. She vacillated between being single and being married for many minutes before choosing being.


The actress also celebrated Christmas without her spouse and spent the day with her children and pals. We didn’t do a pajama shoot but we ate, the woman who shared a video of her Christmas day stated.


The actress then stated in a now-deleted tweet for the new year that she left a domestic violence and abusive relationship in 2022 for the sake of her sanity.


Since the news, many of her supporters have praised her.


“I am delighted it came from you, because you are working hard on your circle.. something that has been over 2 years and please don’t reply to anybody, I am your inlaw and I know you truly tried so let everyone run their mouth,” one Yinka commented.


It’s not like being married is a measure of happiness, one Abiola wrote. Please remember that whether you are satisfied with it or not is what matters most. Enjoy your new year, Wumi.


“Marriage is not the ticket to paradise,” one Fola wrote. Live your life and be happy; it should come first. Keep in mind that @wumitoriola, our own queenlateefat, is cherished. Keep smiling, have fun in the new year, and remember that GOD loves you and has great things for you.


Kemi FIlani recollects that in 2021, Wunmi Toriola used her Instagram profile to inform the world about her happy three-year relationship with her loving husband despite all difficulties and problems that may arise during a marriage.


She said with pride that the adventure had been going on for three years.

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