Why My Seven-year Marriage Ended Quickly – Susan Peters

Susan Peters, an actress and businesswoman, has discussed why her seven-year marriage ended abruptly.


One of the numerous reasons Susan Peters, who earlier in 2022 ended her marriage, gave for doing so was because her former mother-in-law didn’t like her because of her skin tone.


The actor said this in response to Prince Harry’s claim that his family treated his wife, Meghan, differently because of her skin tone.


In response to the video of Prince Harry’s remarks, Susan Peters posted the following on her Instagram page:


“We all experience the same thing; my mother-in-law disliked me as well. I find the hue threatening in and of itself, but whatever. We were never in sync with one another at all.


It will be noted that the actress moved on and removed everything in March 2022 that would have served as a reminder of her brief affair with her former spouse, Dr. Koen Croon.


The stunning actress wed her Dutch fiancé in 2015 in Benue State at a traditional wedding ceremony.


Later, the pair had a civil ceremony at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry in Lagos State in front of several of the bride’s film industry coworkers.


When Susan and her husband had to start living far away from one another, problems started to arise.


When the marriage was said to have broken down, the actress was already expecting their first child.


Sadly, she miscarried. Susan kept her mouth shut since she is a very private person and continued to cherish her marriage. Soon later, the marriage eventually crumbled.

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