“What drives you?” a test by Venita Akpofure Elegant Acholon

Venita Akpofure, a Big Brother Naija alumna and actress in Nollywood, has questioned the motivation behind Fancy Acholonu’s ongoing exposé of Alex Ekubo.


Remember how the failed engagement of Alec Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu has dominated social media for the last several weeks?


Venita Akpofure questioned Fancy Acholonu’s motivation for defaming Alex Ekubo’s reputation on the microblogging site, despite the fact that the two were not married or co-parenting.


Venita said that it would be difficult for potential partners to develop trust with her if Fancy exposed Alex Ekubo.


She made the observation that every woman in the world has experienced betrayals, deceit, and dishonesty, but no one has ever died as a result, therefore she doesn’t understand why Fancy had an outburst.


This Girl Shall…


It won’t be AT ALL simple for potential partners to develop trust with you. Almost every woman in the world has been cheated on, betrayed, or fooled at some time. Although it’s incorrect, nobody died. There are no children, possessions, or legal issues at play. What is your REAL MOTIVA?

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