Traveling abroad is not for the timid – TBoss colours Netizens

A few celebrities have reacted to the “advisor” trend among Netizens who have moved overseas, with reality TV star TBoss offering his opinion.


Online users who identify as “Japa-ed persons” often provide updates and comparisons about life in the diaspora on social media. Others provide advice on what should be done before migrating, while several use the word “Japa” to entice people to stay put.


Sharing her thoughts on the Japa syndrome that has affected the majority of Netizens, TBoss cautioned those considering Japaing that traveling overseas is not for the timid.


TBoss discredits travelers visiting Japan

She penned: P.S. : Pay attention to all of your buddies who have “japa-ed,” transformed into overseas experts, and are always providing you with “Updates.” If you prefer, do not. You said, “Na” Going abroad is not for the timid.


We Nigerians/Africans are very spoiled. You imagine having a “house maid” to confuse your kids or provide you with egusi and pounded yam at the conclusion of a particularly trying day?


I laugh out loud in eskimo. Before you purchase that ticket or sell off your possessions, give it some thought. And then save aside money for your coat, gloves, shawl, boots, cap, and everything else because when a chilly wind hits you, you’ll yearn for the heat that once almost melted your face.

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