Regina Daniels, An Actress, And Her Siblings Lavish Their Mother With Money.

With her birthday message to her mother, billionaire’s wife turned actress Regina Daniels undoubtedly brought tears to her mother’s eyes.


Regina Daniels’ mother Rita celebrates a new age today, January 13, and to honor her, Regina sent an emotional message to her on her Instagram page.


Even though she was grieving the tragic death of her only brother, Regina applauded her for being able to smile, laugh, and dance.


She revealed her ambition to be half the lady her mother is and called her as the epitome of an alpha woman.


Regina said that strong prayers were falling upon her


“Mommy, you are courageous!

In the middle of your grief and agony at losing your sole uncle and sibling, we find enormous delight in our ability to make you smile, laugh, and dance. You really embody the alpha male, and each day I strive to be half the woman you are.


Having a mother is one thing, but having a mother who you can always turn to for anything and everything is like having a sister and closest friend. Mom, you are my pillar of support, my twin, my source of strength, and my inspiration. I consider myself tremendously fortunate to have you as a mother. I want want you to always be happy, therefore I hope that God would grant you all of your heart’s wishes. Therefore, being your spouse, boyfriend, and lifelong partner has been my main objective. I adore you, Mom. Cheers to my Queen Forever, Nnem @ritadaniels06 Happy Birthday!

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