Reactions to Alexx Ekubo and IK Ogbonna’s viral video

Various people reached different conclusions about the controversy between Nollywood star Alexx Ekubo and his ex-fiancée Fancy Acholonu on social media.


New comments on social media have been made in response to a video of the actor and his closest buddy IK Ogbonna.


The actors leaped at each other in the YouTube video clip, which may be an older one, with Ogbonna carrying Alexx on his back.


They clasped hands and then engaged in yet another lighthearted exchange as onlookers applauded them.


Some responses are included below:


o.w. fox: “How guys conceal their passion! I shake my head, thinking, “This doesn’t absolve him of being a MANIPULATOR.”


mr chukwubuikem fame: “Let’s get una two some rest, Alex, go wed werey.”


“If maturity was a person, na Alex,” hameedahadayi said. Continue enjoying your life! If you can’t overcome people’s expectations and criticism, you won’t succeed in life. There is no demand for public approval.


Who has time for social media drama, asks big jhay_.


They’ll label him a manipulator because he chose peace over conflict, said Jay Stunna Ukandu.


Quincy focus: “Alex, if maturity was a person.


Make him unhappy once again, Abegi. Enjoy your life, gorgeous.

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