Musa Khawula Claims Boity Is Pregnant And She Lied About R450K Girlfriend Allowance

Infamous vlogger Musa Khawula claims Boity is pregnant with her ex Anton Jeftha’s child and that she lied about getting a R450 k girlfriend allowance.


News about Boity and her man seems to be everywhere. According to recent reports, the two have split because of the TV host’s expensive lifestyle. We don’t know how true that is.


A recent video posted by the infamous vlogger and blogger Musa Khawula on Saturday sees him claiming the rapper is also pregnant. According to him, she is with Anton Jeftha’s child, and that’s the reason for her recent weight gain.

He also claims that Boity lied when she said on Mihlali’s YouTube channel that she got a R450k girlfriend allowance from Anton. According to him, it was impossible for the actor to pay such an amount based on his salary. Some tweeps agree with Musa, while others think Boity should sue him for defamation of character.

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