May Edochie Retorts When The Woman Calls Her “Both A Mother And A Father.”

Yul Edochie’s first wife, May Edochie, has addressed a provocative remark made by a fan.


Remember how May Edochie, despite demand from her admirers to celebrate her husband’s 41st birthday, stunned online users and drew criticism on herself?


But a few days later, May Edochie posted a sweet family video on her own Instagram profile.


The influencer in the video was seen posing with her children while, once again, her spouse was not there.


May Edochie was praised for her efforts in the lives of her children by an IG user going by the handle @dr-nkechinyere olaedo, who used the comment area to call May Edochie their “father and mother.”


She penned:


“My folks. Since the world claims that we are all members of the body of Christ, I consider you all to be members of my family in Christ. I send you all my unending love, @mayyuledochie. @mayyuledochie, my sibling from another mother You are both the mother and the father of your offspring, making you a double whammy! You are the sturdiest lady ever; the Lord is your strength.


May Edochie reacted by referring to the woman as a “princess.”

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