Man, 18, Arrested For Killing Temple University Police Officer

A suspect has been arrested in the fatal shooting of a Temple University police officer. The suspect, according to investigators, is no other than Miles Pfeffer, 18, of Buckingham Township in Pennsylvania.


He is facing charges of carjacking, robbery and murder, among others. His victim, Christopher Fitzgerald,  is said to be the first Temple University police officer to die in the line of duty. The officer had reportedly encountered the suspect while investigating an incident, and Miles pulled the trigger, shooting him in the head and killing him right there


Dr. Jason Wingard, President of Temple University, confirmed the shooting in a statement. He noted there were no words to make sense of the tragedy, He also averred that the killing of the police officer tears at the University’s sense of community.

However, since the suspect has been arrested, there is a semblance of general relief among some members of the community, with the hope that the incident would not repeat itself.


With Miles Pfeffer having been arrested by the authorities, all eyes are on the law to see what will become of him. For many gun control advocates, though, the incident is another reason Americans should enforce tight gun control measures.


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