Lizzy Gold, an actress, “disowns” Destiny Etiko while displaying her new best buddy.

Nollywood actress Lizzy Gold questioned Destiny Etiko, who is displaying her new best pal.


According to Kemi Filani, Destiny Etiko posted an emotional video of her reunion with Sharon Francis, whom she referred to as her closest friend, on her Instagram page.


The usage of “bestie” for Sharon Francis by Lizzy Gold, who is also best friends with Destiny Etiko, didn’t strike her as funny. Lizzy questioned Destiny’s friend count in the comments area of her post.


What is happening here? I’m @destinyetikoofficial, hello. What number of close pals do you have? As of right now, you are abandoned. @sharonfrancis01 I’m going to whoop your ass.


Destiny Etiko responded by saying that Sharon had been her closest friend for a long time.


“Baby, you already know how much I adore you, but @sharonfrancis01 has been my best friend. Please do not reject me.

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