In response to a manipulated photograph of their wedding, Cuppy and her fiancé

A faked photograph of Nigerian disc jockey Florence Otedola, often known as DJ Cuppy, and her fiancé, British boxer Ryan Taylor, seemed to show them in traditional bridal dress.


Cuppy and her fiancé, who have been sharing adorable pictures of themselves together and setting relationship goals, used their Instagram stories to respond to a fan’s fake post of them.


The admirer, who has been named as Eniola, posted the couple’s photo-shopped photograph first and expressed her admiration for them. Ryan Taylor responded to the picture by reposting it on his Instagram story and asking “who produced this” while emoji-ing tears of pleasure.


Cuppy, who previously said that she is eager to marry Taylor, shared a copy of the photo from her fiance’s Instagram account and raved about it.

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