In my SS2 and SS3, I was still urinating on the bed. – Bimbo Ademoye

Actress Bimbo Ademoye has said that she never had high self-esteem as a child.


She spoke about her upbringing and how, even in high school, she continued to pee the bed.


She continued by describing her Nollywood debut and revealing that the first pay she received from her maiden film was N12,000.


In an interview with YouTuber Hawa Magaji, she said this and added that the producers had told her that she would be paid six months after the filming, so her father had to manage the N50,000 money.


Her words are:


“I begin to get anxiety attacks if there are more than ten individuals present in a room. I believe that growing up with problems of poor self-esteem and being apart from my parents contributed to my social anxiety. I always had the idea growing up that no one wanted to be around me.


“I don’t really like people because, based on my experiences, I think they are full of sh*t. I like being alone most of the time. I’d prefer not to cope with the pain that others often cause. I’d like to spend my time alone and just with the select few individuals I’ve allowed access to.


“Even now, I’m still coping with it. My father was adamant about assisting me with it, which is why I consider him to be a close friend. I was a heavy bed wetter. I’m referencing SS2 and SS3. My father scoffed at it.


“When I got my first acting job, they informed me they would pay me N12,500 and would do so six months after the filming. During the shoot, my father covered my N50,000 shooting budget.

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