God, What Kind Of Stuff Is This? – Obi Cubana Regrets

Obi Cubana, a well-known multibillionaire businessman, recently hosted a live session that included an oyibo guy.


During the live session, the white guy sat with Obi Cubana and his wife and wouldn’t leave.


The oyinbo man waved farewell to Obi Cubana’s wife in the video, and she waved back.


But when the oyibo guy continued saying, “I’m good, thank you,” things grew tense.


When Cubana’s wife phoned him to cancel the conversation after learning what was happening, he continued to repeat his opening remark.


Obi Cubana had to scream in Igbo to express his annoyance:


“Jehova, what kind of stuff is this?” is what the phrase “Ehyee, Jehova kedu ife bu ife a” implies.

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