Finally answering, Alex Ekubo says, “I consider every step.”

In light of the continuous accusations made against the actor by Fancy Acholonu, an audio clip of Alex Ekubo talking with his ex-fiance has suddenly appeared online.


Alex Ekubo’s ex-fiance, American model Fancy Acholonu, humiliated him last year by calling off their wedding on social media and advising him to “live his truth,” which led to many people thinking that he is homosexual. According to Kemi Falani, she apologized to the actor in public early this year.


It’s interesting that a few days after she publicly apologized, she repeated her story and said Alex Ekubo had compelled her to submit the apology in order to save his face. He offered the apologies, and she was disappointed that he didn’t keep his word.


Fancy Acholonu, who was determined to expose him, said that he had never physically touched her over the course of their five-year relationship.


It’s now popular online to listen to Alex Ekubo explain why he wasn’t sure how to react to her public apologies.


Finally, Alex Ekubo answers to Fancy Acholonu’s accusations.

During the phone call, Alex Ekubo stated the following:


I make calculated decisions because I am a calculative person. You showed it to me before you published it, and I don’t make errors. But what were you expecting me to say in return? I won’t make any posts about it on my page; instead, I’ll probably just leave a remark on yours. I am also getting drawn into this. I’m a forward, not a backward, person.


Since there are so many people battling for us, I became irritated with you, which started off a chain of events. Did I also pledge to recognize the post during our conversation? I didn’t know what to say when u phoned since we haven’t gotten back together yet.


There are three options I could have said, but I couldn’t say “I love you too” since we haven’t arrived yet.


Alternately, I may react by criticizing you, which is something I would never do, or I could provide a blatantly indifferent response that could be misconstrued by online users, such as “It’s alright” or “Everything’s OK.” I contacted you twice to express my gratitude after the post, didn’t I?


I really don’t want to keep going back and forth; you will always be my buddy going ahead. When you said the hurtful thing, I chose not to respond, so I don’t have to now. Your actions were required for the current course of action. There are many comments; this is your current storm, and it will pass. Alex Ekubo came to an end.

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