Drama As Fans Debate Peruzzi’s Lyrics With Each Other

Nigerian artist Peruzzi recently shocked online users by sharing the accurate lyrics to his well-known song, Majesty.


Fans believed Peruzzi was singing about a mermaid in a well-known lyric from the song, but the singer later revealed it was really “ma’am eh.”


Using his Twitter account, Peruzzi posted: “Nwannem If You See The Ma’am Eh! Her Royal Highness


some of the responses from the singer’s fans and followers, many of whom insisted on adhering to their phrase from the song. View the responses below:


Don’t say something you don’t understand, Peruzzi; it is obviously Mermaid. Mrs. Eh? Do you even think that sounds normal?”


“I know Peruzzi, na mermaid,” said tarah dulzura. You know who be “ma’am eh”? That doesn’t even make sense. mermaid went well, na.


“Arguing with the proprietor of the tune,” says askddietitian.


“The Audacity to want to alter lyrics on us,” said Maraigold. huncho no try am once again.


therealrhonkefella: “Nigerians debate the ownership of songs. I praise Thee OBAS in Nigeria.


What is he saying, ifeomaonye?

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