Cross Retorts When Pere Questions Him About His Recent Amorous Encounter With Liquoros.

Liquorose and Cross, two BBNaija performers, have provoked outrage on social media due to a suggestive commercial video.


The couple had teamed together to film a brief, romantic advertisement for a vape product.


In the video, Cross and Liquorose displayed some flirtatious behavior that made others take notice of them.


As they followed their scripts, Cross and Liquorose were spotted giving each other intense cuddles.


While followers of the post wrote a number of provocative and dirty remarks, Pere Egbi, who is also a coworker, made a comment.


Liquorose and Cross were questioned by Pere as to why they didn’t kiss in the video.


He stated:


“Why no kiss, una? @liquorose and @crossda boss.


Cross also asked Pere a question in return.


He tweeted, “@pereegbiofficial who say u we no kiss mumu guy.

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