Bobrisky challenges Papaya, saying, “Never compete with me because you’ll go bankrupt.”

Papaya Ex is warned by the self-proclaimed mommy of Lagos, Bobrisky, not to compete with her or else run the risk of going bankrupt.


This comes after Papaya flaunted how her boyfriend celebrated her birthday on social media.


She had posted images and videos that showed a nicely furnished suite with red flowers put on the bed to spell out her name, red flowers scattered over the room, and several present parcels.


Following that, Bobrisky attacked her harshly on his social media profile.


In contrast to the apartment Papaya had shown, he had allegedly lavished himself by booking a hotel in Dubai for N180K per night.


In contrast to Papaya’s partner, his guy wouldn’t even dare to wish him a happy birthday with flowers, she said.


The socialite advised Papaya not to bother trying to compete against her since they are not on the same level.

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