As she reaches 43, Kemi Adetiba expresses her deepest feelings to God.

Kemi Adetiba, an accomplished filmmaker, is 43 today, January 8.


The film’s director and producer used Instagram to post a birthday photo along with a lengthy, uplifting message.


Kemi Adetiba sent a letter to her creator in which she expressed her gratitude for leading her by the hand and guiding her through each stage of life.


“43 and a SNACK still!!


Thank you, Lord, for all of your blessings, lessons learned, and undeserved favor.


The opening 43 minutes have been electrifying. I appreciate you taking my hand and guiding me through each stage. Even then, it didn’t seem like you were, but I now know that you were. AND YOU WERE!


I don’t say thank you since your favor is now over. On the contrary, Lord, you have more steps in store for us in this BRILLIANT dance that will have me giggling and screaming with delight.


Even when everything around me looks prickly and your footstep noises seem to vanish from my side, I swear to have more confidence in your leadership. They are still there. You are still directing and guarding. In such instances, you’re only moving cautiously.


I’m prepared to live for the next 43 years—plus 15—in excellent health and enjoyment. AMEN.

From this point on, I am certain that I will experience a great deal of pleasure and happiness. Enjoy 1,000,000,000 more deep belly laughs than the first 43 ever gave me as I grin till my eyes turn to ashes. My eyes will cry a trillion times more joyful tears than sad ones ever would.


These prayers are sealed to you by OLUWAKEMI BASSEY ADETIBA, also known as MRS. HEMAN ACKAH, your beautiful, troubled, and beloved daughter.


PS. If I could have three wishes today instead of just one, I would. You know you would grant my request regardless of the commotion it causes since it’s typical of your problematic, energetic, long-throated daughter, whose antics entertain rather than irritate you. After I submit this post, I’ll touch your feet and murmur those three things in your ear. There are too many people browsing this.

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