Andrew Tate Allegedly Framed By Victims

The news flying out there is that former kickboxing champion and internet personality Andrew Tate was actually framed by the women who had earlier claimed he ran a prostitution ring and used them.


Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested and detained by Romanian authorities a while back over claims that they were involved in a prostitution syndicate. Andrew denied the claims at the time.

He would tweet later that there might be one out of two potential outcomes to his life. The first was that he might be killed, and the second was that the false claims and corresponding prosecution against him might turn him into a respected global figure. He challenged his adversaries to make a choice between the two. Whichever comes, he is ready. You can check out the tweet below.

Anyway, social media had a semblance of a meltdown when it was revealed that the claims the ladies made against him were, in fact, untrue. They had merely framed him.


While some social media users lashed out at those who had framed him, others noted that their faith in Andrew Tate’s message had been affirmed.


Well, it will be interesting to see what the coming days hold for the controversial former kickboxing champ.

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