AKA: South Africans Defend Bonang Over Decision Not To Pay Tribute Slain Rapper Ex-Boyfriend

While it rained condolences and tributes following AKA’s death, there was one person from whom neither a tribute nor a condolence has emanated, and that’s Bonang Matheba, the ex-girlfriend of the late rapper.


Bonang dated AKA around the period when AKA’s then-girlfriend DJ Zinhle was pregnant with their first child Kairo Owethu Forbes. The “Fela in Versace” rapper eventually ditched DJ Zinhle and started a relationship with Bonang. But the relationship didn’t end well. AKA claimed to have found a rock in his room and accused Bonang of witchcraft. Their breakup was public and acrimonious.


Both went on with their lives. Aka returned to DJ Zinhle. He ditched her a second and final time for the svelte Anele “Nelli” Tembe, who would herself die soon after. For her part, Bonang’s faring history became opaque after that.

Following Nellie’s death — allegedly from jumping from the 10th floor of the Peppercup Hotel — AKA had moved on with Nadia Nakai, a rapper like himself.


When AKA was murdered in the streets on February 10, many across South Africa shared their condolences, but Bonang was mute. For being silent, she was criticised, but some of her fans defended her, insisting she owns her decision and should be left alone.



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