AKA: Nellie Tembe’s Father Moses Tembe Dismisses Claims Of Involvement In AKA’s Murder

It’s exactly a week ago today since AKA was murdered, but the theories about his death have continued to grow. One of the theories is that the family of Moses Tembe, AKA’s late girlfriend, were involved in the killing of the “Fela in Versace” rapper.


The people pushing the narrative are of the view that the Tembe family believed their daughter, who allegedly jumped from the 10th floor of the Peppercup Hotel, must have been killed by AKA, perhaps unintentionally.


However, about the current claims that the Tembe family must have been involved in AKA’s Killing, Moses Tembe, a wealthy businessman and head of the Tembe family, denied it. In a statement, he described as “untrue” claims on social media that the family might be involved in AKA’s murder.

He described AKA’s murder as abhorrent, insisting that his family would never be involved in such. He delved into the past a bit, noting that the death of his daughter Nelli was a big blow for the family and that AKA’s filling has further exacted a deeper emotional toll on the family.


By the way, AKA’s memorial will take place today, February 17, and his funeral will be held tomorrow, Saturday, as part of a private ceremony.


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