Yul Edochie Receives Criticism From Doris Ogala For His Public Apology To His First Wife.

Actor Yul Edochie has been under fire from actress Doris Ogala for his apologies post to his wife, May Yul-Edochie. She advised the actor to let his wife enjoy some quiet time without trying to gain favor.

In a post on her Instagram account, Doris chastised the actor for thinking he was entitled to his wife’s pardon. She said that she can relate to Yul’s wife May better since she is going through a similar circumstance right now.


As a result, he requested that Yul enjoy his new bone, Judy Austin, his second wife.


“@yuledochie…what an entitlement,” said Doris Ogala. Would you kindly give your wife May a minute of peace? Without always attempting to seek clout… Since I’m in the same circumstance as your wife, I completely get what she’s going through. Please take pleasure in your new bone and flesh, ah a… where are you ashamed? “Kai guys will make you seem bad, Sha!”


Recall that on Wednesday, December 21, Yul Edochie apologized to his wife May in a long Instagram post.


He said that he had badly harmed his wife and that he had repeatedly apologized to her. Yul said that he accepted responsibility for cheating on his wife and wed Judy Austin as a second wife.


To my loving wife, Queen May Yul-Edochie, in Yul’s own words: I’m aware that I profoundly offended you, and I’ve apologized to you several times.


“I accept responsibility for my conduct. I agree that no one should be coerced into polygamy. I didn’t bargain for it from the start, and neither did you. But I suppose that life goes on. The full thing is already known to you.


“I didn’t do it to treat you badly. No, I didn’t do it to take your place or because I no longer loved you. You have my undying love now and always.


“I’ve been a great parent and a decent spouse. I’ve always encouraged your hard work. To date, I have been a wonderful parent to our kids, making sure they have all they need and being there for everyone.


“I did 99 of 100 things correctly. It’s not the greatest to hate me for a single reason. Nobody is flawless. I’m not. You aren’t. No one is, not even God.


“I can promise you that no one is attempting to replace you. I have expressed my heartfelt regret to you on several occasions.


“I apologize. You have my undying love now and always. However nwanyi oma. We are able to live joyfully and calmly.

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