You’re a Goat, You’re Fat (Seun Kuti)

The first lady, Aisha Buhari, has been body shamed by Seun Kuti, the late legendary singer Fela Kuti’s son, who has dared her to arrest him.

This comes after hearing that the DSS had detained a Nigerian student for calling Aisha Buhari fat.


Seun Kuti body shamed the president’s spouse on social media. He called her fat and dared her to use her authority to have him arrested.


According to Seun Kuti, the First Lady ought to serve time in jail for abusing her position.


“You are overweight, and you used our money to do so. Please send your DSS over here. If you don’t send your DSS, you are a fool and a goat. You are overweight, Aisha Buhari.


“That woman ought to be locked up; if she isn’t, then Nigeria has no such thing as law.”


“Aisha Buhari doesn’t even have an office constitutionally if she isn’t put in jail for abuse of office.”

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