“Your final child is a carbon replica of you, Mr. Ibu”

The lovely family images of veteran actor John Okafor, often known as Mr. Ibu, are receiving positive feedback from fans.


All eyes were on the actor’s second kid, who seemed to have stolen the show. Many people noticed how very alike Mr. Ibu and his youngest child were.



One “Your second son didn’t leave any stone uncovered,” Williams wrote. I’m supposed to look exactly like my dad, according to nigga.


“This your final born is basically your carbon duplicate, wishing you greater serenity,” wrote one Mikel Chris Brown.


“I can smell another incoming Mr. Ibu sha,” one Fred wrote. But let me keep on with my play.


“That little lovely guy in your front is your carbon duplicate,” one Call me Famous wrote.


According to a Nani Kudz, “I don see another Ibu.”


One Lastborn has his father’s physique, such a lovely family, Josh Blend commented.


“The child in front is a photocopy,” Godblez wrote.


“Na your pickin oo, you can’t refute that one,” wrote one Ox4real. Nawao, sir!


However, One Lagos Adeleke advised the actor to take his youngster to the gym while criticizing the actor. Send that ur boy to the gym, Mr. Man, if not wallahi e no go sweet am at last, he remarked.

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