You Are A Bastard Son Of A Thousand Fathers – Phyna Berates, Brother Of Daniella

Ijeoma Otabor, also known as Phyna, won Big Brother Naija season 7 and criticized Roosevelt, Daniella’s brother, for saying that she had a poisonous fan following.

Roosevelt shared his unhappiness in a tweet about how his sister, Daniella, is detested by Phyna’s fan group. He said that the reality television star had a poisonous fan base and had lost sight of her humble beginnings.


“Phyna nation did this,” he wrote. Despite being aware of what was happening, @unusualphyna chose to remain silent out of self-protective rage. as a result of our limited voice. People lose sight of their starting point. God has the last say.

poisonous, ridiculous fans and individuals. You exited a game of a reality program. Leave while holding meat and being foolish. rather immature


Phyna didn’t like this at all. She referred to Roosevelt as a bastard with a thousand dads on her social media profile.


She continued by saying that she had always loved Daniella from the start, but all her brother had done in return was torment her online.


You just a bastard of a thousand father, e be like say crase dy your head, you wretched failing human, just not allow me catch you one day all I ever done was love your sister and you come here and tag me to gibberish, e be like thunder wan hit you this night, were her exact words.

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