Why I Won’t Let My Boys Stay The Night At A Friend’s Home – Toolz

Tolu Oniru-Demuren, nicknamed Toolz, a well-known on-air personality, has said that she would never let her children to spend the night at a friend’s home.


The mother of two boys announced this on Instagram, writing, “Someone asked me recently whether as a parent, I can allow my kids to go for a sleepover…my answer was right now NO…maybe when they’re 18 or something. There are too many insane individuals in the world… moreover, just though they have sons does not guarantee their complete safety. You just need to look at the news to learn about bizarre incidents involving individuals abusing children. Abuse is a serious issue!


Fans and some of her coworkers responded to her stance on not allowing children to have sleepovers in the comment area of her article.


Melinda Dolapo Hell to the no no, no no, said Oni.


“No No No,” Gbemi wrote.


Kelz stated: “I agree. When I was younger, I recall wondering why my parents would never allow me go to a sleepover unless it was at the home of one of our cousins, where they sometimes joined us. When I was older, I understood why.


Recall that Toolz and husband had their second kid in 2021.


The OAP posted a video on her Instagram account announcing the birth of their son.


It’s another one, she said. A boy. always grateful Symply Simi, thank you for Duduke.


After being married in June 2016, they had their first kid in December 2018.

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