Visitors avoided my home because it was unattractive – Regina Chukwu

Despite still being in a state of elation over her recent home purchase, actress and single mother of two Regina Chukwu has recalled how her previous residence discouraged guests because it was ugly.


Regina Chukwu posted images of her new home on Instagram on December 29, 2022, as Kemi Filani had previously stated.


Regina said that when her husband passed away, she was forced to move into her father’s home since she couldn’t afford to pay rent. She also said that she had to share a room with her many siblings and parents, sleep outdoors with mosquito nets, and deal with other things.


She reiterated, with a heart full of thanks, “GOD DID IT!!!!


Regina Chukwu wrote the following while describing how she started from scratch two years ago to build her new house:


The number of congrats calls and texts has been staggering, not to mention the number of people who have met me, hugged me, and prayed for me. Yesterday was a really emotional day.



My mother sobbed, and despite her best efforts to disguise it, my daughter also shed one or two tears.

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