Turning away from your children is equivalent to ignoring your future.

Davido’s first mother, Sophia Momodu, posted a cryptic message regarding deadbeat parents.


Sophia said, “Turning your back on your children means turning your back on your future,” paraphrasing T.D Jakes.


Tweeted she


“Turning away from your children means ignoring your future…


T. Jakes, D.


Sophia Momodu made it clear that she wasn’t referring to Davido, the father of her child.


Sophia clarified in a series of tweets that not all of her posts are intended for her baby daddy.


She asserts that it is OK for a woman to choose to go on with her life without her ex being aware of everything she does.


It’s OK for two people to have a kid together, choose not to be together, and then elect to co-parent peacefully for the sake of their children without having anonymous online trolls project their fears onto them.


Have you ever seen a beautiful, educated, hardworking, highly fortunate, and favored lady without alternatives when it comes to the other sex? I know this would anger the faceless and insecure. It’s so funny, lol


It should be acceptable for an African woman to put herself first, along with tranquility, a connection with God, and personal development, without fear of ridicule from the anonymous and insecure.

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