Toyin Abraham, A Veteran Filmmaker, Breaks Down In Tears.

With his critique of her most recent picture, Ijakumo, veteran director Tunde Kelani moved actress Toyin Abraham to tears.


According to FlickerMusic, the actress had yesterday’s premiere of her highly anticipated film, which drew a host of A-list celebs.


The director, who attended the premiere as one of the guests, gave the film a review on his Instagram page.


Above Funke Akindele’s brand-new film, Battle on Buka Streets, Kelani named it the finest Christmas and New Year’s gift.


Toyin Abraham has put together a strong creative team to provide moviegoers the ultimate Christmas and New Year’s gift with her most recent and greatest picture, IJAKUMO.


We all had a good time at the premiere last night, which was a carnival. It is highly recommended since the movie is fantastic. On December 23, 2022, IJAKUMO debuts in theaters.


In response, Toyin Abraham re-posted his message on her Instagram profile and thanked him for the kind remarks.


The phrase “Egba mi arriving from baba TK haaa”


Toyin Abraham describes her struggles in an emotional self-note.


Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi described her struggles in the film business a few weeks ago.


The mother of one recalled the insults, slurs, and unfavorable remarks she had endured over the years, as well as the compliments she had also received, as she prepared for the December debut of her film.


Toyin Abraham said that she had returned to filmmaking and would do all in her power to succeed.


Toyin thanked her cast and crew for showing out to show their support, her fans for never giving up on her, and her creator for giving her the knowledge and courage to face her path as a wife and mother.


“Many times, the public is unaware of what occurs behind closed doors. filming a movie, assembling creative minds, producing a piece, and releasing it for public consumption.


As a result of all the abuse, criticism, and acclaim I have received over the years, I am delighted to report to you that I have learned from it all and am now ready to resume my career as a filmmaker in its entirety. When I say I’m back, I really mean it and I’m not skipping a beat. I’d want to use this chance to extend my sincere gratitude to my cast, crew, and supporters.

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