Three years of insomnia looks like this. stylist to the stars

The enormous project of celebrity stylist Mimi Yina, often known as Medlin Boss, has been revealed.


The celebrity stylist who works with people like Funke Akindele now has a new workspace.


On her Instagram page, Medlin announced the good news while outlining the three years it took her to accomplish her objective.


Medlin Boss broke down in tears as she described how her new job was draining her emotionally, physically, and psychologically. She sometimes felt like giving up, other times she yelled out in exasperation, had panic attacks, or even became despondent.


Luckily for her, it all came to a positive conclusion.


“Santa visited the Medlin brand early… unveiling for VIPs. This is what it looks like to have no sleep for three years in the enormous metropolis of Lagos. I’m sobbing as I type this because God is too dependable to let us down. a task that sapped me emotionally, physically, and psychologically. On certain days, I wanted to give up. I’ve shed tears of sadness, anxiety, and even delight, but today’s tears are ones of joy. because it had a positive ending. I’m delighted to serve our respected customer in a setting appropriate for them all. We offer all praise and credit to Him alone because only God can do what He did.

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