“This Has Been A Difficult Year For Us.” Eniola Badmus Makes A Statement

In the midst of conflict with the Adelekes, Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus has made her first public remark.


Eniola Badmus has opted to concentrate on her charity despite the continuing conflict with her longtime closest friend, Davido.


Eniola Badmus boosted her annual charitable endeavors unconcerned by him and his family breaking off contact with her. Eniola Badmus said that she will continue to feed the poor like she has done for the previous five years.


Eniola pledged to find a way to spread love and have an influence on society despite how difficult the economy has been.


“As Nigerians, this year has been difficult. No other thanks to the difficult economy, which regrettably continues to affect our fundamental means of subsistence.


But throughout this season, we still need to find a way to spread love and make a difference in the lives of others because you never know.


We used to visit a lot of less fortunate houses on the mainland and island to share love, which has been a ritual for me over the last five years thanks to the kind support of my favorite businesses.

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