Stop using fasting as a justification to deny your spouse s*x, Anita said.

Anita Joseph, a Nollywood actress and wife of MC Fish’s younger boyfriend Michael Olagunju, has urged women to quit depriving their husbands of their sexual rights in the name of fasting.


This was said by the actress on December 27.


“For all seasons and all times..It is you,” said Anita Joseph on her Instagram profile. How do you fast for 20 days while depriving your husband of sex, women? Shallom, not even the Bible told you to do that. We won’t be continuing our inspirational speech, “ShALLOM SHALLOM SHALLOM!!


We all remember Anita Joseph talking about the various advantages of having a decent guy as a life companion.


Any woman who is fortunate enough to marry a nice guy, in the opinion of the filmmaker/businesswoman, sees an improvement in her appearance.


“When you wed a decent guy. You exude attractiveness. Godspeed to all the virtuous spouses! She accompanied the loving pictures she took of her spouse with the phrase, “May God prepare paths for them and bless them.


Thespian Cum, a brand ambassador from Anambra State, has also acknowledged that marriage in the world of celebrities is difficult.


She also explains what she does to stay strong in the face of criticism.


“These internet trolls come to me whenever a colleague’s marriage fails. One recently informed me that it is still me. Though they are providing me more chances to share romantic moments with my spouse on social media, I feel sorry for the folks who are dragging me. They won’t ever be able to prevent me from sharing my joyful moments. Celebrity marriage is difficult; there is a lot of external pressure, but you must be tenacious and urge that yours last. Again, I was clear about what I wanted before getting married, and the lessons my mother taught me about marriage have remained ingrained in me. She taught me to never interrupt my husband when he is speaking and to refrain from responding, particularly during arguments. One ship cannot contain two commanders. Not that you can’t express yourself, but there is a proper moment to halt and let him speak. These things are difficult, but two people need to agree for them to function.

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