Statement by Singer Asake Following Chaos During His London Show

Sensational afrobeat musician Asake has issued a formal statement after the cancellation of his London performance due to a security lapse at the venue.

Remember when the artist was scheduled to perform in London on December 15th? The pandemonium at the arena, however, forced a suspension of the performance.


According to accounts, there was an altercation between individuals who had come to see Asake play and the police while he was on stage.


Four people who were at his performance were seriously hurt as a result of the ensuing pandemonium. Consequently, his program was canceled as a consequence.


Asake expressed his sympathy for those hurt during the performance in a formal statement that was posted on his Instagram page today.


He wished the wounded people a speedy recovery and said he was working on getting in touch with them.


The performer also expressed gratitude to his audience for their incredible affection.


My heart is with anyone who were hurt last night and suffered any kind of hardship, he said. I wish you speedy recovery. Additionally, I am in the process of contacting certain people. We are grateful that everything ended peacefully even if I still don’t have the complete story from the venue management about what caused the commotion at the Brixton Academy entrance. I’m sad my show had to end; I know my audience appreciated the first part. I appreciate your incredible affection, London. Too much love to you! In a little while, I want to see you again.

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