Seyi Shay Said, “Be Ok With People Not Like You.”

Nigerian artist Seyi Shay, who turns 37 on Wednesday, December 21, has compiled a list of 10 incredible life lessons she has learned thus far.


The single mother of one, who returned to socializing weeks after the birth of her baby, posted what she’s grateful for on her verified Instagram profile on Monday.


“Birthday week AND Christmas week?!,” wrote Seyi Shay beside a picture of herself. Thank you.

I’m very Thankful for life and all of my blessings.


Life hacks I’ve figured out thus far in my “30 something” years on the planet:

Keep certain things to yourself, even when you trust someone.


2. Your peace of mind and mental wellness are more essential than your job ever will be.


3. Accept that not everyone will like you since most people can’t stand themselves.


4. Correcting misunderstandings


5. Consume a lot of water


6. Consume home-cooked cuisine and pick up cooking


7. Regular exercise


8. Meditate and let God speak to you for a change.


9. Avoid harmful people and objects.


10. Forgive yourself, other people, and your history.


The well-known Nigerian singer has been absent from the public eye since since the birth of her baby in April 2022.


However, she only took the kid on their first excursion on December 4, 2022.


When the singer performed at the Soul Royalty Festival in London, she took her baby with her.


She posted a video of herself performing alongside the musician and cameraman Drvnce with the description, “Last night @soulroyaltyfestical was extremely bright.”


After publishing images of herself and her daughter backstage as well as one of her performing with the infant, the mother of one caused an online outcry.


She captioned one of the pictures she uploaded to her Instagram account, “My baby is going to have so many fantastic things to tell.”


On Friday, April 22, 2022, the singer made the news of the birth of her daughter public.

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