“Sexual purity extends beyond virginity” Julian Olayode

The actress Olayode Juliana has said that since speaking about her sexual issue, her phone hasn’t stopped ringing.


The actors of the old Jenifa Diary earlier moaned about how FlickerMusic was finding it impossible to avoid having sex.


Juliana said that she has struggled with her body and has experienced a lot of sexual trauma. She bemoaned how difficult it is to avoid having sex.


She let her admirers know that she goes through worse to dispel their misconceptions that she doesn’t have sexual difficulty.


“Your darling sister has been going through a lot, and my body has been battling against me. It almost seems like I don’t recognize my body anymore.


It’s becoming harder and harder to avoid having sex. Oh my God, I have no idea; all I can think of is sex, sex, sex, and I’m like, what? I experience pressure similar to yours, maybe even worse.


The actress recently defended her position on Instagram, saying that “sexual purity extends beyond virginity and swore to never stop talking about it.”


She also pleaded with them to quit ringing her phone.


She wrote in fragments, “I feel like everyone knows my number at the moment.


Years have passed since I last heard from some of the individuals on my contact list, but now that bloggers have done what they do best, everyone is talking about me. I truly like the people who check in with me to see how I’m doing and to provide encouragement, but I have no idea why some people simply email me links from blogs. I mean, what am I supposed to do with those?


“Don’t ask me questions in my direct message if you haven’t visited my page to see the uploaded video and read the description. More importantly, you should watch the whole film on my YouTube channel. I’m simply going to disregard what I said since I don’t regret it and because I’ve never been better in my whole life.

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