Seun Osigbesan said, “You never made me regret picking you.”

Seun Osigbesan, a Nollywood actress, and her spouse are commemorating 10 years since they decided to be married.


Today, December 7, the actress, best known for portraying Jennifer in the television series The Johnsons, posted a before-and-after image of the scene.


This day 10 years ago, she wrote. Nearing ten o’clock.


My dear and loving spouse @seunosigbesan, she continued. Today marks ten years since you paid for my wedding. You are such a wonderful husband to me and Jeffery and Charlotte’s father. I tell you this with the utmost pride because becoming a pastor didn’t make you a wonderful spouse. Instead, your ability to be a wonderful pastor and leader to the members of @gracemadeng is due to your ability to be a decent spouse. ~ 1Tim 3:5. And you haven’t once in the last ten years made me regret picking you, which makes me really pleased to be your wife. Following you has been one of the finest choices I’ve ever made in my whole life since you are a guy of tremendous insight. I cherish you, baba mi. We are happy to celebrate our tenth “tradversary.”


When Seun Osigbesan said yes, she imagined herself heading for a life of misery, but today she is appreciative of the journey thus far, she said in 2021, on the occasion of their ninth wedding anniversary.

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