Ruth Kadiri, An Actress, Releases The First Image Of Her Second Child.

Ruth Kadiri Ezerika, a Nollywood actress, recently revealed the first image of Emerald, her second child.


The actress, who just had her second kid, used Instagram to introduce her 5-month-old daughter to her millions of followers.


She labeled the cute picture “Emerald” after sharing it.


Second kid is welcomed by Ruth Kadiri


The mother of one was expecting her second kid, according to Kemi Filani news, which was published in July.


Blogger Cutie Julls said that a single mother was on route to having two children.


Word on the street is that our beautiful Ruth is expecting her second kid, according to the blog entry. To her, my congratulations.


Ruth Kadiri revealed the birth of her daughter a few days after the news first surfaced.


The actress gave birth to a daughter on July 20, 2022, a Wednesday.


The infant received the name Emerald Chizaram Ezerika.


Ruth Kadiri provided further details on the birth of her daughter, including how she waited and prayed for her.


She said that her daughter had completely shown in their life that God does really hear prayers.


I’m Emerald Chizaram Ezerika, and I was born on July 20, 2022. You should be aware that I prayed for you. held out for you. Before I met you, I loved you. And you have completely reminded us in our lives that God hears our prayers.

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