Ruger responds when BNXN criticizes other singers’ promotional choices

After exchanging obscenities on Twitter, Afrobeats singers Ruger and BNXN, previously known as Buju, are back at it.


Nigerian dancehall master Ruger thought it would be a good time to air his grievances on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, while Nigerians’ focus on social media was diverted to the FIFA World Cup taking place in Qatar.


Ruger posted about a musician whose song isn’t good enough to encourage organic consumption, so instead of trying to get people to buy it, they pay influencers and speed it up on TikTok.


“I have an identity. I’ve been shoving my music down people’s throats for years, whether they’re sweet or not, either via excessive advertising or by paying influencers to publicize tunes they don’t even enjoy. Or by TIKTOK users speeding up my music. WHO ARE YOU? “Tweeted him.


The method in issue is one that many musicians use, so even if the tweet wasn’t specifically intended at any one artist, it seems like it was meant to be an insult to the whole business.


BNXN is not having any of it. He was the first artist to respond to Ruger, warning him not to bite the hand that fed him and informing him that his employer also uses this tactic.


“Biting the fingers of the hand that provided enough food for your employer and you to eat? Even if you and your supervisor use the same approach? after all those payments to streaming farms?”


BNXN didn’t stop there; he also disclosed the existence of streaming farms in Nigeria where musicians could pay for automated streams. He said that the process was a façade, with neither actual fans nor real participants.

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