Reno Omokri Takes A Shot At People Who Spend Carelessly

Reno Omokri, a divisive on-air media personality, recently scolded those who prefer to spend lavishly rather than invest.

He said that if someone doesn’t invest whenever they have money, they won’t have a safety net if their finances tank.


He compared money to an internal parachute that keeps a plane from crashing. He claimed that some people spend their money on designer clothes and expensive vehicles in an effort to impress others.


He claims that those who engage in such activities have no fallback or alternative in the event that their funds run out or are lost.


He said, “There is a chance the plane could crash, which is why they put parachutes in planes. Right now, you have money. You don’t make investments. Instead, you win admiration with your expensive cars and designers. If your money crashes, you won’t have a parachute if you don’t invest.

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