“People were worried because I married an actress while I was a preacher.”

Actress Seun Osigbesan and her spouse Pastor Seun Osigbesan have used their various social media channels to share their delight and journey so far as part of commemorating their 10th Church wedding anniversary.


People were surprised when Pastor Osigbesan chose an actress as his life mate because, “It’s 10 o’clock.”



Today marks the formal tenth anniversary of our marriage, and over that time God has remained steadfast.





Many people were worried about us when we were getting married since we were going to marry an actress and a pastor (sounds strange), but I didn’t care because I knew my wife is a very good Christian and wouldn’t compromise God’s standards for fame or money.


You are a really satisfied lady who doesn’t place any pressure on me to perform in any manner. I am pleased I married a very good Christian. You are a very calm and loving wife. I have no regrets about being married to you, my darling, since you have made my life so lovely. You complete my appearance by adding “tush” to my “bush,” acting as my personal stylist and making sure I always look fantastic. You are a wonderful mother to our kids, and you raise them with such elegance and insight.


Because you embody Proverbs 31’s description of a virtuous woman, baby @zsheunic, you are the epitome of what a virtuous woman is.


I want to express my gratitude for the last ten years, for your love, dedication, willingness to make sacrifices, support, and everything else that words cannot express.


I feel so fortunate to have you in my life and I will marry you again and again.

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