Peks Ikeji received criticism for his excessive appearance fee.

Peks Ikeji, the lone sibling of blogger Linda Ikeji, has drawn criticism for his obscene fees for attending an event.


Unknown as to his line of work, the media mogul’s younger sibling used his Instagram account to announce his rates for 2023.


Peks claims that starting in 2023, he would charge N500,000 for a one-hour appearance. He claims that his cost is non-negotiable and that he would also need two police officers to accompany him.


By the Special Grace of God, beginning in the year 2023! My cost for a one-hour appearance will be 500k, which is fixed for the time allotted plus two police escorts.


Reactions\sPeks Many people have questioned Ikeji’s claim about his source of income.


“Appearance for what exactly?,” commented one Obianuju Nwa. Does she work miracles?


According to a Prinnciii Pessa, “Appearance to accomplish what exactly? Very terrible depression exists. Sha


1 official “1 hour to do precisely what with you,” Sam wrote. Ritual spending sef I won’t employ u. He declared Peks wey dem use do ambassador and received 17 responses. If I manage that business, you will provide a complete refund.


His sister Linda Ikeji is his greatest accomplishment, according to a Shabi Turu.


“Lmao…. he’s trying to feel significant in the middle of nothing,” wrote one Magdalene Camille.

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