Pastor Ayo: My hubby and I are still together.

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor’s wife, Dr. Helen Oritsejafor, has called out on social media to dispel allegations that their marriage has broken down.


According to a previous article from Kemi Flan News, the former CAN president and his wife Helen were the center of attention as online rumors about their purported split circulated.


Mrs. Helen Oritsejafor, affectionately known as Mama Helen by churchgoers, has been noticeably missing from many of the church events, according to Kemi Filani news.


Helen had been skipping a lot of church events before hearing the heartbreaking news, especially the week-long commemoration of her husband’s 50th anniversary as a priest in November 2022.


Helen debunked the claim on her Facebook page by writing;


“Fam, I’d want to raise your attention to the false and harmful information that has been spreading about me and my family on blogs, social networking sites, and in the press. It’s crucial that I make the facts very apparent since it’s completely ridiculous, repugnant, and unfathomable. I am a Christian lady who upholds the principles of her Christian religion and marriage. I am a wife, mother, and woman of God. The most significant aspects of my life are my family and my house. I thus urge everyone to choose our interests and the interests of our adorable children above the desire to make money from this pointless attempt. Unless individuals get divorced on social media, my husband and I are not divorced, and I have never been unfaithful to my spouse, who I like very much. These are tricks the devil and his minions use to damage my reputation and good deeds. Over the years, I’ve dedicated my time and money to helping the less fortunate, supporting widows, and awarding scholarships to orphans. Through my many online and offline venues, I have also mentored and educated many young women about the fundamentals of creating and maintaining happy marriages. I can’t go against what I believe in. Remember that life is a seed. Carrying unsupported, false news is not just harmful but also illegal in our country. I beg the public to respect my family’s demand for privacy and to ignore clumsy efforts to harm my reputation. I have informed my attorneys about the phony news in hindsight, and all required legal procedures are being done. I appreciate you all and wish you well.

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