Oritsefemi, a singer, displays his kid from a different lady with pride.

The son of Nigerian musician Oritsefemi, who was born while he was still wed to his ex-wife Nabila Fash, has at last been revealed.


The pleased father showcased his adorable youngster on his Instagram page and referred to him as his star child.


One more star boy


Oritsefemi’s son and wife had a falling out.

Remember how Nabila Fash, the singer Oritsefemi’s now-divorced wife, disclosed that their union was in trouble?


The marriage of the pair has been the subject of several accusations of infidelity.


In an interview with Daddy Freeze, Nabila said that their marriage had broken down and they were now going through the divorce process.


Nabila said that the singer had given birth to a kid while they were still married, with a different lady.


She said that the moment he had a kid while they were still legally married was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back.


She claims that before they met, Oritsefemi had two children from two separate women, whom she adopted as her own.


She said that the singer had gotten another woman pregnant while they were dating, that they were getting married, and that they had already had one kid.

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