Nigerians reacted when Cubana Chief Priest wore a garment costing N1.3 million.

Cubana Chief Priest, a contentious socialite and well-known bartender, has stirred up the internet with the outrageous amount of paint he splattered on a shirt.


A friend of the singer Davido recently went to an event with his wife and shocked many by showing off an excessive amount of his shirt.


Cubana disclosed on his Instagram account that he spent N1.3 million on his jersey.


“This shirt set me back $1,300,000.” Stop playing, please.


Many Nigerians voiced their dissatisfaction at his “childish conduct” on social media. Why some questioned his level of maturity while others made fun of him for the poor clothes.



Is this Cubana Chief Priest a boy or a man? asked Zeezee Kelani. What is his age? I’m genuinely intrigued.


“Is it worth it if you have to announce the price for it to be respected,” one Olori Wendy tunes wrote.


“People have been wearing it without making noise,” one Peks collection said.


According to a Weandy pearl, “This guy though


“If it’s noisy, there’s a high likelihood that this barrel is empty,” wrote one Onagbesan Femi.


According to a Mr. Lotanna, “Is that why it wasn’t there?


Still look like Kapamia, a Chezranti wrote.


The type dey Yaba for 2500, according to a Seeplaceswithada.

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