mysterious post by Jada Pollock entitled “Ain’t forcing nothing”

Wizkid’s manager and mother, Jada Pollock, has indirectly disparaged him.


The mother of two used the microblogging site to write a mysterious message that hinted at not pressuring their relationship.


She claims that she is just wrapping some money with a rubber band.


This might be a retort to those who have been criticizing her for pressuring a relationship with the singer.


A rubber band is all that is being forced around some money.


Wizkid and Jada make breakup suggestions.

Recall that Wizkid stunned a lot of people when he used his Snapchat to moan about his love life.


He claims that he has been alone for too long.


The father of four also said that he is open to date one or two women and is prepared to find love once again.


“So long since I was single! I need to locate one or two.


Jada seemed to be responding to him by criticizing him for making their dispute public.


She criticized him for taking their dispute on social media in a now-deleted post.


She believes that fighting on social media would never be successful.


Tweeted she


“Using social media to settle disputes is never a good idea.”


This is unexpected given that the singer and Jada Pollock, his manager and mother-in-law, recently welcomed their second child.

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