“My hairs are worth more than N100 million; they can purchase mansions in Lekki.”

Controversial Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, a transgender socialite from Nigeria known as Bobrisky, has boasted about his expensive wigs at home.


Bobrisky claims that the value of his hair is over N100 million, enough to comfortably purchase a home in the Lekki neighborhood of Lagos.


“Only my hairs can purchase a home in Lekki. I’ve invested more over N100 million on my hair. So when these females from Lagos try to outdo me, I chuckle. Men should compare their wives’ and my hair, he said on his Instagram stories. “Even you wey be guys know I rock better hair than these bitches.


Before then, Bobrisky had said that he would need a kid to inherit his money.


The socialite listed reasons why his first kid should be a girl while appealing to any gorgeous girl in the US or the UK interested in serving as a surrogate mother.


In a social media post, Bobrisky said that a female kid would comprehend him better.


A female kid is still the nicest and most tenderhearted, he remarked. In any case, I don’t have issues with a male kid; it’s just that I have to explain so many things to him about how I came to be a woman, but with a girl child, it’s simple and doesn’t matter how much I explain, she will understand.


He also detailed all of the assets that his kid would inherit.


“One home each at Bera Estate, Orchid Road, Pinnock, a hotel in Lekki, and a Lekki filling station that is nearly finished.


“I need a kid to leave everything for since I have several properties. Nobody can predict when they will die. Omg I’m never leaving her sight if I can have a female kid. I’m 31 years old, and the years fly by.

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