Mr. Macaroni Sobs Over Tense Holiday Family Photographs.

Skit creator Mr. Macaroni has expressed frustration about his inability to upload holiday-themed photographs while people across the globe celebrate Christmas.


A few hours ago, Kemi Filani news published a collection of images with a Christmas theme showing Nigerian celebrities and their families enjoying the holiday. View images here.


He expressed his regret at being unmarried on his Twitter page and how the viral photos are stressing him out.


All these “Me and Mine” folks, he wrote. So should those of us who are single go hang ourselves or what? Mr. Cheeeew


The fashion designer shut down the internet for Christmas, demonstrating why she is the Queen of all Queens.


Toyin Lawani, better known by her stage as Tiannah Empire, posted pictures of herself with her grand Christmas photo session on Instagram.


“Happy holidays, everyone. Sorry if I somewhat starved you.

Today I awoke so late and felt so weak.

I was unable to complete my shot till last night due to the demand from my clients’ varied assignments.

Here you go, but I’m aware that a lot of people look forward to my Christmas outfits because they know they’re always innovative.

I’m a present box this year, so enjoy.

neither simple to make nor wear.

However, the King of Fashion always prevails.

The Lens Lord @segun wealth deserves praise.

My very gifted husband for constantly putting up with my worries.

We practically shit clients every day up until yesterday, and he continued to edit as I slept this morning.

Miss you.

Working until January 1st.

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