“Mike Adenuga Funded Our Nuptials” Dele Momodu Makes A Mess

Dele Momodu, a politician and publisher of Ovation Magazine, said, as he and his wife Mobolaji Adaramaja celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary, that Mike Adenuga, the chairman of globacom and a multibillionaire, paid for their wedding ceremony in 1992.


Dele Momodu announced the marital milestone in his first Instagram post, writing, “Exactly 30 years ago, I married a union of intelligence and beauty, MOBOLAJI ADARAMAJA…


Since then, against all chances, we have overcome obstacles together by climbing mountains and descending valleys. All praise be to God.


I wish us a happy anniversary.


Then, they added, “Huge thanks to CHIEF MOSHOOD ABIOLA (of blessed memory) and DR MIKE ADENUGA JR. for financing our wedding, as well as to all the wonderful men and women who supported us in cash and kind… All praise be to God.

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